Wheels Up On The World’s Longest Flight

A 16 hour and 20 minute, non-stop flight from Doha to Auckland is launching this weekend and will be (for a very brief period) the longest flight in the world.

The flight, operated by Qatar Airways, is due to get airborne at 5.10 am local time and, after crossing 10 time zones, land in Auckland at 7.30 am on Monday.

In total the flight will cover 9,032 miles, beating the previous record from Emirates who launched a Dubai-Auckland route just a few short months ago. This new route is expected to retain the mileage record until 2018 when Singapore Airlines plan to launch a Singapore-New York route which will cover 9,529 miles.

However it will lose the time-record since the return flight from Auckland to Doha will, due to winds, take even longer than 16 hours and 20 minutes.

These long routes are made possible thanks to the new generations of plane now being manufactured. This route was due to launch earlier but had to wait due to demand for the Boieng 777’s which are being used.